Back where I belong

I put his collar back on today.

And then I sucked his cock. Actually balls first. Ball, ball, balls, cock. Smelled them too. They still smell like Dom to me. It felt like coming home again.

Yeah, I know, everyone thinks I’m nuts.

Oh well. Doesn’t change anything for me.

We’ve been easing back into conversation for the last two weeks. And we finally talked. Really talked. I won’t share it with you, won’t even try to explain. Because while I’m perfectly fine with sharing all of my shit, his shit is his shit and I respect his privacy.

Suffice it to say that every argument, every break up has two sides. This one, like most of them, had it’s share of misunderstandings. I’ve learned in the last few days that even after four years, there are things you don’t know about each other. Emotional landmines you didn’t know existed. I’ve learned that just because I’m a submissive does not mean I get to sit back passively and let him do all the work. It’s my job to tell him my needs. And it’s my job to take care of my Sir, dammit.

I’ve written before that it will probably always be like this for us – falling apart, rushing back together. You can go ahead and think that I’m nuts. But my gut tells me that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

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