Five Years and Counting

It was almost exactly five years ago. I was freshly out of a sexless marriage. Lonely, horny as hell. Desperate to try out this newly found submissive side. Without a Dom in sight.

And then I started talking to this new guy on OKCupid. He was nice looking in his pictures. Aggressively flirtatious in a way that was a real turn on. He told me later that he could be charming as hell when he was trying to get his dick sucked, and damn was that true. I threw myself at him, shamelessly.

Our first meet up was over coffee – a sedate affair in which we talked about kids and exes and life in general. I recall getting a hug, but no kiss. He was just as nice looking in person, and easy to talk to, and I drove home thinking about him.

Our second meet up, ah, now that was a different thing entirely. It was between our first and second meet ups that we discovered my submissiveness and his dominance. Neither of us had broadcast our kinks in our dating profiles.

So for our second meet up, I wore my pink push up bra with a low cut shirt that allowed my tits to be hauled out and fondled, along with a black skirt and some cute tights that had a hole cut in the crotch in the hopes that orgasms might be in my future for that date. And my red pumps. Yeah, I was dressed pretty slutty. And I acted the part, as well, finding myself sitting in his big sedan after the movie, sucking his dick with the sunscreen covering the windshield and the windows tinted so dark that no one could see inside.

Our third date was at a local motel. It involved leather cuffs and my first titty torture session and my first butt plug. That pink glass butt plug hurt like all hell going in, but I was so proud of myself for doing it. Oh my God, and I had no idea at the time what a pain whore I would become.

It’s been five years since those early days. It feels like forever ago, and yet just yesterday. He has given me so many firsts. We have discovered our favorite kinks together. It hasn’t been all heart shaped bruises and orgasms, mind you. We’ve had our rough spots. We’ve broken up twice. I’ve had to face some very painful demons, and I’ve only just started to realize how my own insecurities can hurt the people around me.

But we’ve come back from it, stronger than ever. And I’m still completely crazy about the boy. It still feels so natural, so easy. He understands me. Well, as much as any man can understand a woman. Listens to my bitching and spanks me until I feel all better, then lets me suck his cock until I’m calm. He picks out my nail color. Chooses the restaurant and the movie. And it feels like such a burden off of my shoulders, to be able to just let him do it. Let him take care of me.

We had a fight recently, right before our Sunday playdate. I was grumpy about something, taking offense, I don’t even remember why anymore. By the time I parked next to his big sedan with the dark tinted windows, I was weepy. So he dried my eyes and let me suck his cock and everything was all better. I was right where I belonged.

And later, after my spankings and my orgasms, and my wonderful trip to subspace, after he had found his release in my mouth, we walked in to lunch, with my hand in his arm. I listened as he told me a story in that sexy Texas drawl he has. I looked down at his Wranglers and his boots. And a thrill went up my spine.

Five years together and I’m still completely crazy about the boy.

Happy anniversary, My Sir.

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