In defense of dick pics

I was reading a girl’s profile the other day on MeWe – “and don’t be having a dick pic as your profile pic! No one wants to see that!”

Uh, excuse me? Speak for yourself, girl!

Do you not realize that is a picture of his absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world? His favorite toy! The one he’s been playing with since … well, since as soon as he could manage to reach into that diaper and grab it! Surprisingly early, too! And he’ll continue playing with it until the day he dies.

He is enormously proud of it and enormously insecure about it. And you can either prop up his ego or crush him with one comment about it. Sending you a picture of his dick is an act of trust. Of hope. Overly enthusiastic and unwarranted hope? Yes, possibly. But hope nonetheless!

I guess I’m a rare woman, but I like dick pics! I’m tickled to think that I have that effect on men. Making them hard. Making them cum. It’s my superpower! It’s like taking their life into my hands – well, my mouth actually – and making them lose complete control.

I love that. It’s the ironic power of the submissive.

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