A trip to subspace

We’ve been playing in subspace for quite a while. Long enough for me to know how much I love it.

I don’t always get there. It’s not a sure trip. I need to be in certain state of mind. Relaxed, submissive, calm and trusting. I seem to require a blindfold – the lack of visual stimulation is important, and the blindfold helps me to not have to remember to keep my eyes closed. But I need to be able to hear – to hear His voice and my own animal cum noises. Orgasms, yes, I do need orgasms. But the right kind of orgasms. The ones that are mixed with just the right kind of pain.

Up until very recently, titty torture was the only sure way for me to reach subspace. And I’ve had some fabulous trips there, thanks to titty torture. That time I forgot my safe word. He could see that I was done, that I couldn’t take much more. So he reminded me to use my safe word. And in my high flying state, I said “Safe word!”, thinking that’s what he wanted. Then I started giggling uncontrollably, completely amused by my mistake. He thought I’d lost my mind, I think. I’m lucky to have a good Sir who knows me well, and he stopped our play at that point.

It’s an amazing place, subspace. I lose track of where I am, of who I am. And the only things that exist in the world are His voice and my orgasms, mixed with just enough pain. As they become more and more intense, I start to feel like I’m floating on a cloud, high above everything. Then when He finally stops caning my nipples, when he turns off the Hitachi, the floating sensation increases. I sit there for a few minutes, unable to speak, unable to think. And then it hits me – that wave of endorphins. Whoosh! I can actually feel it coursing through my body. And I will inevitably start giggling uncontrollably. “Hold still, ya loon,” he tells me as he takes pictures of the aftermath, and that makes me giggle even more. It takes every ounce of self control I have left to obey him and hold still. Eventually I take my blindfold off, returning to the real world, somewhat dazed and groggy, feeling like I just got woken up in the middle of a deep sleep.

I’ll be loopy the rest of the night and into the next day, unable to focus on much of anything. I’m exhausted that evening and yet frequently unable to sleep. The next day I feel somewhat hung over and yet oddly proud of myself and so very grateful to Him, that I’m able to experience something that few people even know exists.

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